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Are you worried about the rising cost of energy for your home?

Thinking about solar PV, but unsure if it pays?

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Will you be driving an electric car, but are wondering how you'll charge it?

Are you confused by the home improvement choices available - and how much you should pay?

Don't know where to start? ... We at  Neutral Home understand and can guide you on your journey.

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Social Housing

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Electricity Costs are Rising


At  Neutral Home we also know that electricity costs are rising.  And they are rising faster than general inflation at a time when we are all about to start using much more of it:

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So it's going to cost more ... here's why we'll be using much more electricity in our homes too:

 Home Energy Costs


Let's have a look at what the average home in the UK currently spends on energy a year:

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Of course that's less money on electric car charging than we spend now on petrol or diesel - but 70% of that cost is tax, while electricity currently only attracts VAT at 5%.  What government will be able to resist clawing that tax revenue back somehow once the majority of us drive electric cars?  We haven't even included that bad news here!  

What are My Options?


At Neutral Home we've tried many options to understand, change and reduce home energy consumption.  We found that when it comes to prioritising the right measures for a house it is easy to become confused:

That's why we set out to determine which energy efficiency and cost reduction measures are best.

We took our ten years' experience of delivering energy efficiency programmes for multi-national companies and applied it to the home in four logical steps.  We ensure that the energy data drives the improvement programme: first with no or low cost measures, then with longer-term investments which pay for themselves well within the average period of home ownership.

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The right mix of this equipment and technology will pay for itself in ten years by reducing your energy costs by 80% while enabling every home to meet the UK government's net zero 2050 target. That's because it enables you and your home to:

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That means that the increase in energy costs of between two and five times in the next ten years can almost be eliminated - or at worst greatly reduced.  Furthermore, these energy and cost savings are real - we have the data to show - and Neutral Home can help you achieve them for your new build, home maintenance or improvement project.  Just give us a call or fill in our enquiry form below:

How to Get My Neutral Home?


Have a look at how we achieve all this via our Blog and Twitter Feed: 

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Now look below at how much energy and money this approach is saving ... and it can work for you too.  We can help you apply our experience and expertise to your home transformation, whether you're tackling anything from a two bed terraced to a detached seven bed house.  Contact us for further insights into our unique approach to home energy integration, project design, programme finance and economic good sense.

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Meet our Neutral Team

Neutral Home was set up by people with many years’ experience in energy monitoring and efficiency, technology development and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity.  We bring the expertise and technology of energy efficiency in the commercial sector to UK housing.

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