Helping UK Hospices Go Carbon Neutral

Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK


Measure and manage the key sources of energy consumption and benchmark against similar properties

Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK


Significantly reduce the property’s heating and cooling demands, plus switching off and turning down invisible and unwanted energy consumption

Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK


Introduce integrated renewable heating and cooling with solar generation and storage to significantly lower demand from fossil fuels and from the Grid

Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK


Shift power consumption in the day and match with the right smart energy tariffs to optimize the energy cost

Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK

A big thank-you to everyone at the
Hospice UK conference

The Hospice UK conference took place from 6-8 November 2023, returning to the North West at ACC Liverpool, and online.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us during the conference.

We provide energy audits for domestic, commercial, and light industrial clients; helping them optimise their energy profile with the use of renewables, involving improvements from insulation through solar panels to heat pumps.

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Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK
Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK

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Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK

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Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK

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Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK

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Prepare for the future with confidence

We are energy consultants with specific experience of the Hospice sector. We take a holistic view across all energy usage and emissions in buildings, operations and vehicles, to produce a tailored action plan program supported with an affordable business case to:

  • Be ready for the hotter “heat waves” that climate change is bringing
  • Take control and reduce dependency on increasingly expensive energy in the future
  • Meet and surpass NHS’ and Governments net zero commitments in the next decade

Lower your energy cost

Find out how to understand:

  • Measuring the energy efficiency rating of your buildings

  • Reducing the heat demand through greater insulation and optimizing controls

  • Increasing renewable energy from on and offsite

  • Avoiding consumption in high cost energy periods through energy storage

Meet us in person

Come and see us on stand 37 and supply your annual electricity and gas bills with the square meterage of your buildings, for an informative insight to the energy efficiency of your building………………………..and you will

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How we do it 
Energy driven data

At the heart of our approach is the data. We believe that ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. By gathering real time data on your house and how you want to live in it, we design systems which will deliver real savings not just ‘guesstimates’. 

Data puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to understand your usage patterns and make the changes you want to drive down costs and carbon and build the foundation for a more sustainable business.

Neutral Home, Net Zero for Hospices UK

Take control of your energy consumption

Through the use of a range of renewable energy sources, plus using smart thermostats, effective tariff switching and providing centralised control; our team of experts, underpinned by a detailed data driven approach can help reduce your energy consumption, carbon emissions and overall costs.

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