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Grabbing a Green Grant pt2

Meeting a very useful man.

So, a few days ago a helpful contractor visited to give me a quote which I could submit for my grant application. In the end, having been fairly stymied by the cap on the secondary measures, I have given up trying to use a grant towards double glazing. Instead, I have settled on loft insulation from the first list, and the fitting of smart heating controls on the central heating from the second list. I must admit I am not entirely sure of the benefit the latter will bring, but I will be interested to experiment and see.

A very nice chap, who was genuinely and rather fittingly called Mr. Green, surveyed the job and from behind our COVID-19 masks we spoke about how the Grant scheme was impacting on him. He explained that he had been a Trustmarked registered person for some time, although knew of other traders who were struggling to get registered. His difficulty was that he was incredibly busy, giving quotes to householders, but as to how many of those quotes will turn into paid business, he was less sure. He was faced with the anxious balancing act of filling up his day with unremunerated quote giving and finding work which would help his cashflow now. With the Green Homes Grant, he is unable to start any project or take any money in advance of the issuance of the voucher.

Quote delivered, I uploaded it immediately on the government’s grant website and was issued with a reference number. A few days later I received an automatic email telling me that my application would be processed in due course. So, now we wait. I hope Mr. Green finds something to do in the meantime.

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