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Go carbon neutral

Achieve your Net Zero target for your home without compromising your lifestyle

Save money & energy

Affordable ways to move away from fossil fuels through smart energy efficiency

Data driven solutions

Your data will unlock energy cost effectiveness via automated controls that fit your lifestyle

Neutral Home?

Whether you already have a vision of your Net Zero journey or are interested in what step-by-step changes you could make to your home, we can guide you;  saving carbon and money.

We start with helping you understand your home energy use and the thermal performance of your building. From there, we put together a bespoke business case for you. We look at what combinations of technology will produce the best results, and can project manage the entire process for you too.

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plan for your

the right technology 

Comprehensive project management

Carbon Neutral Living

Reducing the carbon impact of how we live makes a real contribution to reversing the damage of climate change. It’s estimated that housing contributes around 23% of the UK’s carbon emissions. But living green doesn’t have to be living mean. Neutral Home will design a whole system solution that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint drastically, while maintaining the flexibility you need in your lifestyle, and the comfort you need in your home.

Future Costs of Energy

Energy costs are increasing. The UK has seen wholesale energy prices rise to a 15 year high. This is a taste of things to come and whilst markets fall and rise, the overall trend is decidedly upwards and could be around a four fold increase by 2030.

We can help you make the changes you need to future proof and become part of the flexible energy market. Our systems have been shown to save as much as 80% on energy bills.

Integrated technology

Neutral Home brings together the best smart technology to drive down your energy consumption and costs. Integrating battery storage, heating solutions and micro generation into a system, allowing you to have the power you need.

We work with a range of product manufacturers to select the right combinations: anything from a Tesla Powerwall to a Nulok solar roof.  And all combined to work in harmony to optimize performance and drive down payback periods.

Pulling the Project Together

Venturing into the world of home energy efficiency can be challenging when faced with multiple options and installers.  Neutral Home can manage the whole journey: from gathering the data, to developing a bespoke plan, and taking you stage by stage through the process.

We will work with your architect, building contractor and other specialists to oversee the installation and commissioning of an energy system, which has been designed to meet the needs of your home.

How we do it 
Energy driven data

At the heart of our approach is the data. We believe that ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. By gathering real time data on your house and how you want to live in it, we design systems which will deliver real savings not just ‘guesstimates’. 

Data puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to understand your usage patterns and make the changes you want to drive down costs and carbon, while creating a warm and comfortable home.

Our people

Neutral Home was set up by people with many years’ experience in energy monitoring and efficiency, technology development and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity.

Jon Bumstead

Commercial Director

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Jon has over 25 years’ experience as a management consultant specialising in logistics and supply chain management, including energy efficiency and carbon reduction within these industries.  He was formerly Director of Strategy and Planning for DHL, with responsibility for Marketing and Innovation, business planning, M&A, and business strategy.  Prior to joining DHL, Jon gained 13 years’ experience at Accenture, latterly as a partner in the global Supply Chain practices, where he designed, executed and managed numerous supply chain and logistics projects.  Jon has a BSc in Mech Eng (1stClass Hons) from The City University, London.

Louis Notley

Managing Director

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Louis is a tech expert in energy efficiency and sustainability; he’s also a well-practised project manager.  His projects over the last ten years have delivered global energy savings and efficiencies for the likes of DHL, McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin and Schneider Electric.

Prior to this Louis spent over 20 years as a logistics officer with the Royal Navy, with operational tours in the surface flotilla, nuclear submarines, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Louis holds a BSc (Hons) in Systems and Management and an MBA (Defence) from Cranfield University.

Anuja Saunders

EDI Director

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After graduating from law school, Anuja went into training and teaching law within a fast growing regional law firm. There, she became a CIPD qualified HR practitioner with a specialism in training and went on to work for clients in a number of sectors including construction, healthcare and education. She also worked for a major national disability charity developing their commercial training programmes for businesses. Anuja is experienced in creating and delivering change and up- skilling programmes across a wide range of people from senior management to front line staff with particular reference to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI).

Gary Highton

Technical Director

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Gary has a background in Communications Engineering honed via 10 years in the Royal Navy, where he was responsible for the operational readiness of ship and shore-based radio & radar systems. From 2012-15 Gary worked in the USA, developing engineering and commercial partnerships for Energy Demand Response programmes in the commercial and residential sectors. 

Returning to the UK he founded Envisij, after noticing that use of energy management systems requires a high degree of technical understanding. Envisijtherefore set off on a path of 'Energy Simply Managed', enabling wide-spread adoption by non-technical consumers. This developed the technology which now forms the ‘energy brain’ of Neutral Home.

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