Decarbonising the UK's Housing Association Stock


Decarbonizing UK’s residential property portfolio remains a challenging barrier to UK’s 2050 Net Zero commitment.  

  • The Government’s Fuel Poverty strategy sets a target of moving fuel poor homes to an EPC C rating or above by 2030

  • Investors and financial institutions are increasingly demanding demonstrable environmental, sustainability and social benefit milestones to unlock funding

  • Tenants are voicing concerns about spiraling energy costs as changes like working from home are having an impact

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  Neutral Home is helping Landlords meet their commitments to provide better energy performing, warm homes

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Social Housing | Sustainability | Energy Efficiency

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A different approach


  • Move from cherry picking individual technologies for expensive retrofit, to an integrated suite of complementary solutions for the whole home and common parts of the building


  • Harness the collective buying power of the Housing Association and alternative funding models to improve the economic case


  • Move from switching to the cheapest energy provider each year to seeing them as a long term partners, unlocking financing of equipment over affordable time periods


  • Capturing and analyzing the data to actively manage the energy performance and reduce costs


  • Delivering energy cost savings to the resident and the landlord of up to 80%

At  Neutral Home  we help Housing Associations make the right kind of investment in their assets to deliver on ESG goals.

Neutral Home - current project 


Backed by funding from Innovate UK, Neutral Home is excited to be working with Housing Association Vivid Homes.  We are helping Vivid to understand how we dramatically reduce energy cost, consumption and emissions.  Our project is at a 56 unit apartment block in the South of England, which is home to a wide variety of tenants from families with young children to single occupants.

By monitoring and clearly identifying where energy is being used, we will make recommendations which will cut waste, drive down bills for residents and increase tenant retention for Vivid.

With our monitoring equipment now installed we are crunching the data and building a clear business case for improvements. Cutting energy waste and investing in green on-site power generation and storage are important steps to help Housing Associations reach their Net Zero and ESG commitments, while raising the EPC standards of their housing stock.

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Tackling the issues of Net Zero and fuel poverty together, to deliver better homes and a sustainable future.

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How to Get My Neutral Home?


Have a look at how we achieve all this via our Blog and Twitter Feed: 

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Meet our Neutral Team

Neutral Home was set up by people with many years’ experience in energy monitoring and efficiency, technology development and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity.  We bring the expertise and technology of energy efficiency in the commercial sector to UK housing.

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