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Hit Net Zero Targets

Tackle the decarbonisation challenge

Reduce energy costs

Drive down energy costs for residents

Improve EPC ratings

Whole building solutions to improve energy assessments

Why Neutral Home?
A different approach

At the core of our business is the data we collect from the properties we transform.  From there comes our approach to energy efficiency and decarbonisation, which is as an integrator of technology and systems.  Our methodology ensures optimised business cases for energy efficiency, net zero carbon and associated co-benefits.

We are technology agnostic and commercially impartial, bringing expertise in all areas, from the basics of building insulation to the integration of on-site renewables generation, power storage and demand management.

Data driven programmes

project finance



Housing stock needs to be more energy efficient

For social landlords Net Zero means tackling energy efficiency through a whole building approach.  Improving building fabric and integrating new technologies can drive down carbon emissions, offering residents warm homes with affordable energy.

The clock is ticking on decarbonisation goals.  We work with HAs to assess their portfolios and identify key projects for pilot and rollout at scale.

Improving the energy efficiency of our social housing stock

Tackle Fuel poverty

The government’s Fuel Poverty Strategy sets the target of EPC rating C and above

Goodbye Gas

The ambition to stop installing new gas boilers into homes in the UK

Decarbonise for NetZero

Unlock social housing decarbonisation funding

How we do it
Energy driven data

At the heart of our approach is the data. We believe that ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. By gathering real time data on properties and how people live in them, we design systems which will deliver energy efficiency and financial results.

Data puts the social housing landlord in the driving seat:

• Enabling the necessary retrofit programme to achieve EPC targets

• Building and measuring performance of the business case for decarbonisation

• Linking to action on energy poverty and rent arrears

The power of data drives the energy solution


Heat pumps

Battery storage

Micro generation

Smart controls

EV charging

Demand shift

ESG funding

Take control of your energy consumption

Through the use of a range of renewable energy sources, plus using smart thermostats, effective tariff switching and providing centralised control; our team of experts, underpinned by a detailed data driven approach can help reduce your energy consumption, carbon emissions and overall costs.

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